Hi! I am Wedding and Destination Photographer from Lynchburg Virginia


Hi! My name is Haniel and I’m a wedding photographer from Lynchburg, Virginia. I am fortunate that photography enables me to build connections and share stories with people throughout the world. I get to witness stories of promise, unity, hope, joy, love and commitment. Even though my style is photojournalistic, I would like to better described it as honest and natural. I often travel for weddings and no destination is limited to me.


What sets me apart from others is the way I approach photography. I shoot weddings quietly from a distance and in the most unobtrusive way. I believe that being honest, vulnerable is the key in telling a real story. Most people I shoot feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Trust me, Iím one of those people too, so Iíve found my way around it. I would love for us to get to know each other better.