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        Hi, I'm Haniel.
        Documentary Wedding Photographer

        I believe in keeping things simple and for my work to live on for generations to come. I am not one for tricks or trends or false promises, I simply document you, your story and what I see in the most organic and sincere way.


        I believe the characteristic of a good photographer is their ability to connect. A good photographer should always connect with their subject, resulting in a photo that connects people to a moment that was captured. That’s what memories are, after all — a close and personal link to a moment, framed by what we saw there. These connections are what makes a good photo a great one. These connections are what I live for. I think you’ll find my enthusiasm is evident in the quality of the photos I take. I also believe the best photos – the moments you hire me to capture – are created when they’re sincere.


        I shoot quietly and from a distance which allows me to shoot the wedding from a guests perspective. I don’t arrange your guests or change your plans. My role in your wedding is an observer. I wait to capture emotions as they unfold, the only thing you may hear is my camera’s shutter. I don’t follow trends or mimic styles, My framing, lenses, composition, and perspective with my editing style – these are my artistic values. I use these values to fine tune and tell your story in my most effective and natural way.


        Go to a Pink Floyd concert, go on a road trip, try glassblowing, learn how to type with all my fingers, see the Northern lights in Finland, go on a real African safari, spend one vacation on a boat, float in the Dead Sea, meet Denzel Washington, live in a different country for a while, get 20,000 facebook likes, roll on the desert dunes, throw a paper plane from the Empire state building, finish a marathon, see cherry blossoms in Japan, donate blood, send a message in a bottle, fly in a hot air balloon, see the Broadway show, have children, experience zero gravity, watch a huge windmill up-close, spend few night in Grand Canyon, have a career doing what I love, learn a new language, start my own business, shoot your wedding 🙂


        1. I can hustle you in pool
        2. I kinda suck at math
        3. I love a good t-shirt & Jeans any day over formals
        4. My favorite tv series ever is Sherlock
        5. I love laughing at fail compilations on youtube (lol)
        6. If I had three wishes my first wish would be to get an unlimited supply of wishes 🙂
        7. My favorite fruit is Banana
        8. I love drinking Indian Tea
        9. I never eat anything that has broccoli
        10. A good guitar riff is a must to start my day

        I’M NOT A BIG FAN OF

        Broccoli, the sound of a ticking clock at night, too large restaurant menus, annoying bugs, heavy traffic, rainy days, unnecessary software updates, taking things for granted, sharks(!), boredom and airplane toilets.


        Sushi, croissants, Nacho Libre, sound of a guitar, Asian cuisine, minimalism, eggs benedict, traveling, well brewed coffee (200°F), homemade french fries, a good cologne, long summer evenings, bonfires, excitement, firefly’s in the dark, live music, cooking, wine, Nordic design, Petrichor, StarWars, Formula1 and beautiful fonts.


        Pink Floyd, GnR, Queen, Deep Purple, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Jose Gonzales, Chet Faker, Neil Diamond, Dire Straits, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Bon Jovi, The Allman Brothers Band, Hot Tuna, John Mayer, Pearl Jam, Ray LaMontagne, Joe Cocker, Kings of Leon.


        Iceland, Portland, Galapagos Islands, Vienna, Greece, White Sands US, Antarctica, Chile, Botswana, Japan, Vietnam, Bali, Hawaii, Peru, Finland, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, South African Republic, Cuba, Brunei, Egypt, Kenya, Belize, Costa Rica, Sweden, Turkey, Madagascar.

        What my

        Clients Say

        Haniel is simply amazing! He listens to what your vision of your wedding photos are, yet he adds his amazing talent to give you truly unbelievable shots. He is so much fun to work with and can work with even the most challenging groups! He is hilarious, so your group will certainly be laughing the entire time! I couldn't recommend him more. Honestly, the problem is there are SO many beautiful images to choose from!

        - ASHLEY & DAN

        Thank You

        for being Awesome!

        Great photographer! Made the session fun and easy, despite there being 30 mph wind gusts that made 40 degrees feel like 20 degrees...we still ended up with some EPIC photos. I am very happy and on top of it all, he got the photos back to us CRAZY FAST! If you want to STAND OUT photos that convey natural emotions and make your dreams come true...contact Haniel immediately! Sincerely, Alicia Valladao

        - ALICIA & JOSH



        When I was searching for a photographer for my wedding I didn't want the typical wedding photographer that did all the typical posed shots. I wanted someone that was a little artsier and that felt more candid. When we spoke with Haniel we feel in love with his work, his technique and his sense of humor! We were instantly sold! We met with him in person for coffee and he was a completely warm-hearted person. I loved all the pictures that he captured our big day. I would def. recommend him to anyone in search of a wedding photographer.

        - HALEY & THOMAS