Elopement weddings Photographer Lynchburg Virginia

The immensity is startling…Natural Wonder, Natural Beauty. 215 feet of solid rock, carved by the fingers of nature, span the steep ravine over Cedar Creek at Virginia’s Natural Bridge State Park.

George Washington surveyed the rock bridge, and Thomas Jefferson liked it so much he purchased it from King George III in 1774. Experience “the most sublime of nature’s works” –Thomas Jefferson.

Donna & Randy planned on eloping this path of patriots months ahead- the beautiful and serene Cedar Creek Trail, past Saltpeter Cave and Lost River, to Lace Falls. The time was short, It was a beautiful warm day, as the sun revealed the beauty of nature and brought smiles on the faces of family & friends. It was a spectacular day to capture these two beautiful souls elope forever!

The first time I met Donna & Randy, I asked Donna “Have I seen you before??” and Randy whispered looking at his beautiful wife to be, “Maybe on TV? She resembles Xena the Warrior Princess”. It was a great start to our conversation. We talked about how they met and Randy’s pick-up lines. I instantly knew we had a connection. Virginia Wedding Photographer

It was a perfect day, everything Donna & Randy expected and hoped for it to be. It was a perfect setting that captured the hearts of those involved.  Virginia Elopement Wedding Photographer 

As the day progressed we stopped to explore the history of Virginia’s Native Americans in the Monacan Indian Village. The spectacular Drama of Creation, under the Bridge after sunset. During the night pageant, the mountainsides form a vast stage. Scenes move and change with a presentation of the Drama of creation, which is accompanied by classical music and moving lighting effects.

This was my kind of day! I never for a second felt as if I was a wedding Photographer but as family. It went by too quick and I enjoyed every second of this day, Thank you, Donna & Randy, for the honor of letting me be a part of your big day.

Here is their story from my perspective, Enjoy!