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        These two are unreal. I’m so excited to share these as I’ve had to hold them close for the last week. Such an unforgettable day photographing Ally & Taylor’s Otter Lake Dam waterfall, Appalachian Mountains, Virginia maternity session (that’s a mouth full). Aside from it being a beautiful location, Ally was glowing as she’s expecting and is 30 weeks along! Jaw-drop, commence… As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I’ve never photographed a waterfall maternity session before none the less one in this kind of setting but when they reached out said they wanted exactly what I do but for maternity, I was stoked for the opportunity to shoot this maternity session at Otter Lake Dam. I was extremely thankful for the trust they gave me throughout the time I photographed these guys with genuine, raw emotions, and for even pushing me out of my comfort zone a bit.

        Otter Lake Dam Waterfall, Appalachian Trails

        The view at Otter lake Dam was surreal, I have never explored this venue before, thanks to Ally & Taylor for bringing me to this beautiful venue. For those of you who don’t know about Otter lake Dam, It is a man-made dam which is a 7-acre impoundment located along the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway in Amherst County.

        If you are into fishing, you can find Smallmouth bass that is still present in the lake. Since I love hunting and fishing, here is tip; Bass are protected with a catch and release only regulation while the remaining species are governed by statewide regulations. Anglers are prohibited from using live bait or boats in case you didn’t know that 😉

        The lake can be accessed by turning north on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Rt. 501 in Big Island, Virginia. The lake will be on your right just after crossing the James River. If you feel adventurous or if you would just like to hike on a weekend, or if you are looking to explore this side of Appalachian Trail here is a Google Map



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