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Virginia Wedding Photographer

About six years ago my friends Brad & Leah reached out to me about doing their wedding pictures in NY. I was sad that I was unable to do their wedding pictures. Five years later as they celebrate their 5th Wedding Anniversary they reached out to me again asking if I could redo their wedding styled pictures with some engagement pictures. It was such an honor that they would even let me capture 5 years of their love story and celebrating their 5th anniversary, We looked up different venus and landed on the beautiful Sierra Vista that overlooks the Peaks of Otter.

As the day was ending and everything around us was slowly losing its prime colors, Lynchburg/Bedford took on another love story to tell, As Brad & Leah’s hearts were time warped for a moment and I could almost hear the silence taking over. My camera clicks cutting through thin windy air, as we roamed through and took these along the way. It was oblivious that I walked among the bushes and trees to capture moments in time.Virginia Wedding Photographer

Our Journey was set, with love as its destination, yet again I witnessed with my camera from a distance a very special God’s love story in the heart of these two.