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Heartland of VirginiaRandy&Donna | Elopement Wedding Photographer Natural Bridge State Park VirginiaThe Natural Bridge State Park of Virginia

Randy&Donna | Elopement Wedding Photographer Natural Bridge State Park Virginia
Elopement weddings Photographer Lynchburg Virginia The immensity is startling…Natural Wonder, Natural Beauty. 215 feet of solid rock, carved by the fingers of nature, span the steep ravine over Cedar Creek at Virginia’s Natural Bridge State Park. George Washington surveyed the rock bridge, and Thomas Jefferson liked it so much he purchased it from King George [...]

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fireSara | Senior Portrait Photographer Lynchburg, VA

Sara | Senior Portrait Photographer Lynchburg, VA
Senior Portrait Photographer Lynchburg Virginia I have known Sara for over a year now. She is hardworking, smart, intelligent, and a recent graduate from Liberty University. Sara has a heart for missions and we have talked many a days in length about her past trips to Thailand and the lessons she learnt for life! Sara had her makeup done by Ashley who is an aw[...]

Souls entangled foreverShua&Robin | Wedding Photographer Lynchburg VirginiaDowntown, Lynchburg VA | Sweet Briar College, VA

Shua&Robin | Wedding Photographer Lynchburg Virginia
Wedding Photographer Lynchburg Virginia It was the beginning of midsummer night's dream, as the last golden rays of the sun cradled the two young lovers! Robin & Shua - a couple madly in love, could not resist ending the evening in a kiss. Shua (aka Hipster) is a dear friend who is passionate about music and also owns an audio recording company (barnowlmusi[...]