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Maria&Brandon Engagement Photographer Hollins University Roanoke Virginia 2018Hollins University

Maria&Brandon Engagement Photographer Hollins University Roanoke Virginia 2018
Maria and Brandon are one of the most joyful couples, they always have a smile on their face. The first time I met Maria and Brandon for Coffee in Bedford, I remember I was running late cas someones mattress came flying from their truck and hit my windshield, what a day! Brandon called me out and said I was late. I politely apologized, he made fun of me later lol. Aft[...]

Heartland of VirginiaRandy&Donna | Elopement Wedding Photographer Natural Bridge State Park VirginiaThe Natural Bridge State Park of Virginia

Randy&Donna | Elopement Wedding Photographer Natural Bridge State Park Virginia
Elopement weddings Photographer Lynchburg Virginia The immensity is startling…Natural Wonder, Natural Beauty. 215 feet of solid rock, carved by the fingers of nature, span the steep ravine over Cedar Creek at Virginia’s Natural Bridge State Park. George Washington surveyed the rock bridge, and Thomas Jefferson liked it so much he purchased it from King George [...]

Top Wedding Vendors 2017Top Wedding Vendors created Marble and Copper themed styled shootThe Trivium Estate Forest, Virginia

Top Wedding Vendors created Marble and Copper themed styled shoot
Styled shoot Marble & Copper weddings Photographer Lynchburg Virginia Top Wedding Vendors 2017 After a long winter break, I had an opportunity to work with some amazing wedding vendors on a Marble and Copper styled shoot at the Trivium Estate in Forest Virginia. As a wedding photographer it was a great opportunity to create something beautiful with awesome and cre[...]

Carolyn Baldwin Lake Pavilion, Farmville VAAndrew&Jennifer | Wedding Photographer Farmville Virginia

Andrew&Jennifer | Wedding Photographer Farmville Virginia
This was the first wedding of the season, I second shot these for my awesome Associate Photog Melissa Batman. I was soo excited to get started. I left home early that morning to get to the Carolyn Baldwin Lake Pavilion in Farmville and realized that I had forgotten a few things! Low and behold as a creative what do you do? IMPROVISE! and thats what I did. No one knew [...]

Shriram&Sharwari | Engagement Photographer Sweet Briar VirginiaSweet Briar College

Shriram&Sharwari | Engagement Photographer Sweet Briar Virginia
  A warm bright summers day with these two Bollywood lovers! I met Shriram (Shree) & Sharwari (Shy) the most amazing couple, through a mutual friend.  These two are truly, madly & deeply in love with each other. I was debating the idea of shooting some pictures with Shy and Shree kept ignoring the idea (You know how men are ;) ). Finally we decided w[...]

Souls entangled foreverShua&Robin | Wedding Photographer Lynchburg VirginiaDowntown, Lynchburg VA | Sweet Briar College, VA

Shua&Robin | Wedding Photographer Lynchburg Virginia
Wedding Photographer Lynchburg Virginia It was the beginning of midsummer night's dream, as the last golden rays of the sun cradled the two young lovers! Robin & Shua - a couple madly in love, could not resist ending the evening in a kiss. Shua (aka Hipster) is a dear friend who is passionate about music and also owns an audio recording company (barnowlmusi[...]

Love that mattersBrad&Leah | Wedding Photographer Bedford VirginiaSierra Vista, VA

Brad&Leah | Wedding Photographer Bedford Virginia
About six years ago my friends Brad & Leah reached out to me about doing their wedding pictures in NY. I was sad that I was unable to do their wedding pictures. Five years later as they celebrate their 5th Wedding Anniversary they reached out to me again asking if I could redo their wedding styled pictures with some engagement pictures. It was such an honor [...]