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        This was the first wedding of the season, I second shot these for my awesome Associate Photog Melissa Batman. I was soo excited to get started. I left home early that morning to get to the Carolyn Baldwin Lake Pavilion in Farmville and realized that I had forgotten a few things! Low and behold as a creative what do you do? IMPROVISE! and that’s what I did. No one knew that I was missing a few necessities! I was as quiet as my shutter clicks. I stood at a distance and captured this wedding as it unfolded. I kept Andrew occupied with thoughts of Jennifer until we started talking about BBQ! He lit up!

        Later that evening I continued to witness their love and connection for each other forged by amazing commitment and principles from their families. I had an opportunity to talk to Jennifer and let her know what Andrew was thinking about her that morning as I was taking his pictures and she teared up knowing that she will be safe in his arms. It was the most joyous moment that I got to witness the real human emotion of love that is a bond between husband and wife that will remain forever.

        Here is the story from my perspective, Enjoy!