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        MY GEAR

        I get lots of question about my gear and what I shoot with. For years I shot with Canon and made a switch to Fuji camera system. However, at that time Fuji camera was not fully equipped with all Wedding industry standards. I was very hesitant to switch to Nikon because of its challenging menu system and the buttons structure. Finally, I decided to give it try and I must say it was like wearing a glove that fits you perfectly!

        I’m not the kind of a guy who knows a lot of technical info or is overly interested in equipment at all. I look at it as a tool that serves its purpose. On any given day I can survive with 24&35mm lenses. Other than that I tend to use 58mm, 24mm or 45mm tilt-shift and 85mm occasionally. All other lenses come as a bonus and are used very rarely at weddings.


        2x Nikon D750
        24mm 1.4
        35mm 1.4
        45mm 2.8 tilt-shift
        58mm 1.4
        85mm 1.4

        SECONDARY (rarely for weddings)

        16mm 2.8
        28mm 1.8
        50mm 1.8
        105mm 2.8 macro

        OTHER GEAR

        HOLDFAST MoneyMaker Strap
        SanDisk professional SD cards
        SanDisk 2TB SSD
        LaCie Rugged 1 TB Thunderbolt SSD
        Samsung T5 SSD 1TB
        HOLDFAST Roamographer Bag
        ONA Union Street Bag
        Pelican 1510 Case for travel
        Godox 860VIIN Flashes
        Godox AD200 Flashes
        FujiFilm Instax Wide 300
        Small unnamed tool 🙂